Attention Law Students: You Can Change the Way People Interact with the Law…

Attention Law Students: You Can Change the Way People Interact with the Law…Even Without a J.D. by Katherine Anton.

From the post:

A lot of people go to law school hoping to change the world and make their mark on the legal field. What if we told you that you could accomplish that, even as a 1L?

Today we’re launching the WeCite contest: an opportunity for law students to become major trailblazers in the legal field. WeCite is a community effort to explain the relationship between judicial cases, and will be a driving force behind making the law free and understandable.

To get involved, all you have to do is go to and choose the treatment that best describes a newer case’s relationship with an older case. Law student contributors, as well as the top contributing schools, will be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to WeCite.

Read on to learn why WeCite will quickly become your new favorite pastime and how to get started!

Shepard’s Citations began publication in 1873 and by modern times, had such an insurmountable lead, that the cost of creating a competing service were a barrier to anyone else entering the field.

To be useful to lawyers, a citation index can’t index some of the citations but all of the citations.

The WeCite project, based on crowd-sourcing, is poised to demonstrate creation of a public law citation index is doable.

While the present project is focused on law students, I am hopeful that the project opens up for contributions from more senior survivors of law school, practicing or not.

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