Coursera Specialization in Machine Learning:…

Coursera Specialization in Machine Learning: A New Way to Learn Machine Learning by Emily Fox.

From the post:

Machine learning is transforming how we experience the world as intelligent applications have become more pervasive over the past five years. Following this trend, there is an increasing demand for ML experts. To help meet this demand, Carlos and I were excited to team up with our colleagues at the University of Washington and Dato to develop a Coursera specialization in Machine Learning. Our goal is to avoid the standard prerequisite-heavy approach used in other ML courses. Instead, we motivate concepts through intuition and real-world applications, and solidify concepts with a very hands-on approach. The result is a self-paced, online program targeted at a broad audience and offered through Coursera with the first course available today.

Change how people learn about machine learning?

Do they mean to depart from simply replicating static textbook content in another medium?

Horrors! (NOT!)

Education has been evolving since the earliest days online and will continue to do so.

Still, it is encouraging to see people willing to admit to being different.


I first saw this in a tweet by Dato.

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