Blocking Flashers

Another nail in Adobe Flash’s coffin – Chrome to block Flash ads from September 1st by Graham Cluley.

From the post:

Last month, Firefox blocked all Flash content by default – as it waited for Adobe to patch a critical security hole that was being actively exploited in malicious attacks.

The news came hot on the heels of Facebook’s security chief calling for Flash to be put out of its misery permanently.

And from next Tuesday, September 1st, Google’s Chrome browser will be blocking Flash ads by default. In a notice posted on Google Plus, the company says that the change is being made to improve performance for users.

Be aware that Graham has previously said that simply disabling Flash in your browsers may not be enough to protect yourself from Flash vulnerabilities.

Considering the security issues known to exist with Adobe Flash, I see no reason to place much confidence in any patching that Adobe produces for Flash. If they were capable of doing it correctly, it would already be done.

The best strategy is that if a webpage or PDF or Word document requires Flash, don’t look.

In the case of documents, return to sender requesting they use less insecure software for communication purposes. (Government offices take note! Flash should be banned from all submissions to government agencies.)

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