TinkerPop3 Promo in One Paragraph

Marko A. Rodriguez tweeted https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10104282 as a “single paragraph” explanation of why you should prefer TinkerPop3 over TinkerPop2.

Of course, I didn’t believe the advantages could be contained in a single paragraph but you be the judge:

Check out http://tinkerpop.com. Apache TinkerPop 3.0.0 was released in June 2015 and it is a quantum leap forward. Not only is it now apart of the Apache Software Foundation, but the Gremlin3 query language has advanced significantly since Gremlin2. The language is much cleaner, provides declarative graph pattern matching constructs, and it supports both OLTP graph databases (e.g. Titan, Neo4j, OrientDB) and OLAP graph processors (e.g. Spark, Giraph). With most every graph vendor providing TinkerPop-connectivity, this should make it easier for developers as they don’t have to learn a new query language for each graph system and developers are less prone to experience vendor lock-in as their code (like JDBC/SQL) can just move to another underlying graph system.

Are my choices developer lock-in versus vendor lock-in? That’s a tough call. 😉

Do check out TinkerPop3!

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