Mapping the world of Mark Twain (subject confusion)

Mapping the world of Mark Twain by Andrew Hill.

From the post:

Mapping Mark Twain

This weekend I was looking through Project Gutenberg and found something even better than a single book, I found the complete works of Mark Twain. I remembered how geographic the stories of Twain are and so knew immediately I had found a treasure chest. For the last few days, I’ve been parsing the books line-by-line and trying to find the localities that make up the world of Mark Twain. In the end, the data has over 20,000 localities. Even counting the cases where sir names are mistaken for places, it is a really cool dataset. What I’ll show you here is only the tip of the iceberg. I put the results together as an interactive map that maybe will inspire you to take a journey with Twain on your own, extend your life a little.

Sounds great!

Warning: Subject Confusion

Mapping the world of Mark Twain (the map)!

The blog entry: has the same name as the map:

Both are excellent and the blog entry includes details on how you can construct similar maps.

Topic maps disambiguate names that would otherwise lead to confusion!

What names do you need to disambiguate?

Or do you need to avoid subject confusion with names used by others? (Unknown to you.)

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