Occupy London As Terrorists?

The City of London is so bereft of terrorists or terrorist-like activity that Occupy London has been drafted as terrorists.

Not having any credible terrorist threat could certainly endanger police and security service budgets so it isn’t hard to understand why the London Police acting quickly in designating Occupy London as a terrorist group.

Although, a “terrorist group” that obeys court injunctions as to where they can assemble doesn’t strike me as a particularly dangerous group of “terrorists.”

Appropriately, the police initiative is called Project Fawn. Whether the Fawn refers the fawning of sycophants for funding to combat non-existent terrorism or has some other reference isn’t clear.

Charlie Hebdo is cited as an “attack,” although only twelve (12) people died, as opposed to the London average homicide rate of 171 per year since 1990.

And its not “terrorism” but on average seven (7) spouses die every month in London from domestic violence. Domestic violence: One month’s death toll.

Why a child hearing/seeing a parent beaten to death isn’t a priority over non-existent terrorism is difficult for a foreign observer to say.

On the whole, the real terrorists in London occupy offices in the London Police department and other security services. Something should be done to turn them out, root and branch.

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