Increase Multi-Language Productivity with Document Translator

Increase Multi-Language Productivity with Document Translator

From the post:

The Document Translator app and the associated source code demonstrate how Microsoft Translator can be integrated into enterprise and business workflows. The app allows you to rapidly translate documents, individually or in batches, with full fidelity—keeping formatting such as headers and fonts intact, and allowing you to continue editing if necessary. Using the Document Translator code and documentation, developers can learn how to incorporate the functionality of the Microsoft Translator cloud service into a custom workflow, or add extensions and modifications to the batch translation app experience. Document Translator is a showcase for use of the Microsoft Translator API to increase productivity in a multi-language environment, released as an open source project on GitHub.

Whether you are writing in Word, pulling together the latest numbers into Excel, or creating presentations in PowerPoint, documents are at the center of many of your everyday activities. When your team speaks multiple languages, quick and efficient translation is essential to your organization’s communication and productivity. Microsoft Translator already brings the speed and efficiency of automatic translation to Office, Yammer, as well as a number of other apps, websites and workflows. Document Translator uses the power of the Translator API to accelerate the translation of large numbers of Word, PDF*, PowerPoint, or Excel documents into all the languages supported by Microsoft Translator.

How many languages does your topic map offer?

That many?

The Translator FAQ lists these languages for the Document Translator:

Microsoft Translator supports languages that cover more than 95% of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP)…and one language that is truly out of this world: Klingon.

Arabic English Hungarian Maltese Slovak Yucatec Maya
Bosnian (Latin) Estonian Indonesian Norwegian Slovenian
Bulgarian Finnish Italian Persian Spanish
Catalan French Japanese Polish Swedish
Chinese Simplified German Klingon Portuguese Thai
Chinese Traditional Greek Klingon (plqaD) Queretaro Otomi Turkish
Croatian Haitian Creole Korean Romanian Ukrainian
Czech Hebrew Latvian Russian Urdu
Danish Hindi Lithuanian Serbian (Cyrillic) Vietnamese
Dutch Hmong Daw Malay Serbian (Latin) Welsh

I have never looked for a topic map in Klingon but a translation could be handy at DragonCon.

Fifty-one languages by my count. What did you say your count was? 😉

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