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From the announcement post:

In February this year we announced that we will be iteratively improving the user experience. Today we are launching the new Beta site. There are many changes and we hope you will like them.

  • Dataset pages have been greatly simplified so that you can get to your data within two clicks.
  • We have re-written many of the descriptions to simply explanations.
  • We have launched which is aimed at non-developers to search and then download data.
  • We have also greatly improved and revised our API documentation. For example have a look here
  • We have added content from our blog and twitter feeds into the home page and I hope you agree that we are now presenting a more cohesive offering.

We are still working on datasets, and those in the pipeline waiting for release imminently are

  • Bills meta-data for bills going through Parliamentary process.)
  • Commons Select Committee meta-data.
  • Deposited Papers
  • Lords Attendance data

Let us know what you think.

There could be some connection between what the government says publicly and what it does privately. As they say, “anything is possible.”

Curious, what do you make of the Thesaurus?

Typing the “related” link to say how they are related would be a step in the right direction. Apparently there is an organization with the title: “‘Sdim Curo Plant!” (other sources report Welsh for “Children are Unbeatable”.) Which turns out to be the preferred label.

The entire set has 107,337 records and can be downloaded, albeit in 500 record chunks. That should improve over time according to: Downloading data from data.parliment.

I have always been interested in what terms other people use and this looks like an interesting data set, that is part of a larger interesting data set.


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