Dataset Usage Vocabulary

Dataset Usage Vocabulary W3C First Public Working Draft 25 June 2015.


Datasets published on the Web are accessed and experienced by consumers in a variety of ways, but little information about these experiences is typically conveyed. Dataset publishers many times lack feedback from consumers about how datasets are used. Consumers lack an effective way to discuss experiences with fellow collaborators and explore referencing material citing the dataset. Datasets as defined by DCAT are a collection of data, published or curated by a single agent, and available for access or download in one or more formats. The Dataset Usage Vocabulary (DUV) is used to describe consumer experiences, citations, and feedback about the dataset from the human perspective.

By specifying a number of foundational concepts used to collect dataset consumer feedback, experiences, and cite references associated with a dataset, APIs can be written to support collaboration across the Web by structurally publishing consumer opinions and experiences, and provide a means for data consumers and producers advertise and search for published open dataset usage.

From Status of This Document:

This is a draft document which may be merged with the Data Quality Vocabulary or remain as a standalone document. Feedback is sought on the overall direction being taken as much as the specific details of the proposed vocabulary.

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This could be useful. Especially if specialized vocabularies are developed from experience in particular data domains.

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