ChemistryWorld Podcasts: Compounds (Phosgene)

Chemistry in its elements: Compounds is a weekly podcast sponsored by ChemistryWorld, which features a chemical compound or group of compounds every week.

Matthew Gunter has a podcast entitled: Phosgene.

In case your recent history is a bit rusty, phosgene was one of the terror weapons of World War I. It accounted for 85% of the 100,000 deaths from chemical gas. Not as effective as say sarin but no slouch.

Don’t run to the library, online guides or the FBI for recipes to make phosgene at home. Its use in industrial applications should give you a clue as to an alternative to home-made phosgene. Use of phosgene violates the laws of war, so being a thief as well should not trouble you.

No, I don’t have a list of locations that make or use phosgene, but then DHS probably doesn’t either. They are more concerned with terrorists using “nuclear weapons” or “gamma-ray bursts“. One is mechanically and technically difficult to do well and the other is impossible to control.

The idea of someone using a dual-wheel pickup and a plant pass to pickup and deliver phosgene gas is too simple to have occurred to them.

If you are pitching topic maps to a science/chemistry oriented audience, these podcasts make a nice starting point for expansion. To date there are two hundred and forty-two (242) of them.


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