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BBC News Labs

I saw a tweet from the BBC News Labs saying:

We were News labs before it was cool.

cc @googlenewslab

Which was followed by this lively exchange:


From the about page:

This Jekyll-powered blog is pitched at interested Journalists, Technologists and Hacker Journalists, and provides regular updates on News Labs' activities.

We hope it will open new opportunities for collaborative work, by attracting attention from like-minded people in this space.

You can still find our major updates pitched at a broader audience here on the BBC Internet Blog.

About BBC News Labs

BBC News Labs is an incubator powered by BBC Connected Studio, and is charged with driving innovation for BBC News.

Our M.O.

We work as a multi-discipline incubator, exploring scalable opportunities at the intersection of:

  1. Journalism
  2. Technology
  3. Data

Our goals

  1. Harness BBC talent & creativity to drive Innovation
  2. Open new opportunities for Story-driven Journalism
  3. Support Innovation Transfer into Production
  4. Drive open standards through News Industry collaboration
  5. Raise BBC News’ Profile as an Innovator

You can find out more on the BBC News Labs corporate website here

Get in touch

We'd be delighted to hear from you or to see if you can contribute to one of our projects. Give us a shout at:

News Labs Links

For your Twitter following pleasure, news labs mentioned in this post:







Other news labs that should be added to this list?

PS: I would include @Journalism2ls. – Journalism Tools in a more general list.

Update: @NeimanLab: Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard.

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