The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links [June 22nd]

Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links by GIJN Staff and Connected Action.

From the post:

What’s the data-driven journalism crowd tweeting? Here are the Top Ten links for Jun 11-18: mapping global tax evasion (@grandjeanmartin), vote for best data journalism site (@GENinnovate); data viz examples (@visualoop, @OKFN), data retention (@Frontal21) and more.

A number of compelling visualizations and in particular: SwissLeaks: the map of the globalized tax evasion. Imaginative visualization of countries but not with the typical global map.

A great first step but I don’t find country level visualizations (or agency level accountability) all that compelling. There is $X amount of tax avoidance in country Y but that lacks the impact of naming the people who are evading the taxes, perhaps along with a photo for the society pages and their current location.

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