New York Philharmonic Performance History

New York Philharmonic Performance History

From the post:

The New York Philharmonic played its first concert on December 7, 1842. Since then, it has merged with the New York Symphony, the New/National Symphony, and had a long-running summer season at New York’s Lewisohn Stadium. This Performance History database documents all known concerts of all of these organizations, amounting to more than 20,000 performances. The New York Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives provides an additional interface for searching printed programs alongside other digitized items such as marked music scores, marked orchestral parts, business records, and photos.

In an effort to make this data available for study, analysis, and reuse, the New York Philharmonic joins organizations like The Tate and the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Museum in making its own contribution to the Open Data movement.

The metadata here is released under the Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 licence. Please see the enclosed LICENCE file for more detail.

The data:

Field Description
General Info: Info that applies to entire program
id GUID (To view program:
ProgramID Local NYP ID
Orchestra Full orchestra name Learn more…
Season Defined as Sep 1 – Aug 31, displayed “1842-43”
Concert Info: Repeated for each individual performance within a program
eventType See term definitions
Location Geographic location of concert (Countries are identified by their current name. For example, even though the orchestra played in Czechoslovakia, it is now identified in the data as the Czech Republic)
Venue Name of hall, theater, or building where the concert took place
Date Full ISO date used, but ignore TIME part (1842-12-07T05:00:00Z = Dec. 7, 1842)
Time Actual time of concert, e.g. “8:00PM”
Works Info: the fields below are repeated for each work performed on a program. By matching the index number of each field, you can tell which soloist(s) and conductor(s) performed a specific work on each of the concerts listed above.
worksConductorName Last name, first name
worksComposerTitle Composer Last name, first / TITLE (NYP short titles used)
worksSoloistName Last name, first name (if multiple soloists on a single work, delimited by semicolon)
worksSoloistInstrument Last name, first name (if multiple soloists on a single work, delimited by semicolon)
worksSoloistRole “S” means “Soloist”; “A” means “Assisting Artist” (if multiple soloists on a single work, delimited by semicolon)

A great starting place for a topic map for performances of the New York Philharmonic or for combination with topic maps for composers or soloists.

I first saw this in a tweet by Anna Kijas.

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