From the readme file:

XSL(T) stylesheets to translate non topic map sources and Topic Maps syntaxes

Currently supported:

* TM/XML -> CTM 1.0, XTM 1.0, XTM 2.0, XTM 2.1

* XTM 1.0 -> CTM 1.0, XTM 2.0, XTM 2.1

* XTM 2.x -> CTM 1.0, XTM 2.1, JTM 1.0, JTM 1.1, XTM 1.0

* Atom 1.0 -> XTM 2.1

* RSS -> XTM 2.1

* OpenDocument Metadata -> TM/XML (experimental)

License: BSD

Lars Heuer has updated TMXSL!

The need for robust annotation of data grows daily and every new solution that I have seen is “Another Do It My Way (ADIMW).” Which involves loss of data “Done The Old Way (DTOW)” and changing software. And the cycle repeats itself in small and large ways with every new generation.

Topic maps could change that, even topic maps with the syntactic cruft from early designs could do better. Reconsidered, topic maps can do far better.

More on that topic anon!

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