“Bake Cake” = “Build a Bomb”?

The CNN never misses an opportunity to pollute the English language when it issues vague, wandering alerts social media and terrorists.

In its coverage of an FBI terror bulletin, FBI issues terror bulletin on ISIS social media reach (video), CNN displays a tweet allegedly using “bake cake” for “build a bomb” at time mark 1:42.

The link pointed to is obscured and due to censorship of my Twitter feed, I cannot confirm the authenticity of the tweet, nor to what location the link pointed.

The FBI bulletin was issued on May 21, 2015 and the tweet in question was dated May 27, 2015. Its relevance to the FBI bulletin is highly questionable.

The tweet in its entirety reads:

want to bake cake but dont know how?>

for free cake baking training>

Why is this part of the CNN story?

What better way to stoke fear than to make common phrases into fearful ones?

Hearing the phrase “bake a cake” isn’t going to send you diving under the couch but as CNN pushes this equivalence, you will become more and more aware of it.

Not unlike being in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport for hours listening to: “Watch out for unattended packages!” Whether there is danger or not, it wears on your psyche.

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