Malicious Microsoft Office versions are in the wild

Malicious Microsoft Office versions are in the wild

At first I wondered why this was news? 😉

After reading the post I realized they meant hacked versions of Microsoft Office, which in addition to the standard bugs and vulnerabilities, come with additional vulnerabilities installed by the people who hacked the official version.

I am untroubled by the presence of additional vulnerabilities in hacked versions of Microsoft Office as you know the saying, “…you get what you pay for.”

If you want Microsoft Office, then buy a copy of Microsoft Office. You won’t get much sympathy for security problems created while trying to cheat others. At least not from me.

If you want or need alternatives to Microsoft Office, try Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Even with “free” software, you should always use official or reputable distribution sites. A little bit of caution on your part will present attackers with a much smaller attack surface. Staff that don’t exercise such caution should be recommended to your competitors.

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