TIkZ & PGF by Till Tantau.


From the introduction:

Welcome to the documentation of TikZ and the underlying pgf system. What began as a small LaTEX style for creating the graphics in my (Till Tantau’s) PhD thesis directly with pdfLATEX has now grown to become a full-flung graphics language with a manual of over a thousand pages. The wealth of options offered by TikZ is often daunting to beginners; but fortunately this documentation comes with a number slowly-paced tutorials that will teach you almost all you should know about TikZ without your having to read the rest….

The examples will make you want to install the package just to see if you can duplicate them. Some of the graphics I am unlikely to ever use. On the other hand, going over this manual in detail will enable you to recognize what is possible, graphically speaking.

This is truly going to be a lot of fun!


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