Gregor Aisch – Information Visualization, Data Journalism and Interactive Graphics

Gregor has two sites that I wanted to bring to your attention on information visualization, data journalism and interactive graphics.

The first one, are graphics from New York Times stories created by Gregor and others. Impressive graphics. If you are looking for visualization ideas, not a bad place to stop.

The second one, is a blog that features Gregor’s work. But more than a blog, if you choose the navigation links at the top of the page:

Color – Posts on color.

Code – Posts focused on code.

Cartography – Posts on cartography.

Advice – Advice (not for the lovelorn).

Archive – Archive of his posts.

Rather than a long list of categories (ahem), Gregor has divided his material into easy to recognize and use divisions.

Always nice when you see a professional at work!


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