The Spy Cables [Videos]

The Spy Cables by AJ+.

As of today, the following nine (9) videos on the Spy Cables are on YouTube:

If you ever have an unkind word for some governments, watch Are You A Terrorist? first.

The Aussies have a checklist for potential terrorists that they have shared with other spy agencies that includes “denouncing Western countries and governments, particularly the United States and Israel.” I’ll concede that the United States is a Western country/government but putting Israel in that category makes me doubt the state of education in Australia.

Oh, and the purchasing of explosives will get you on a terrorist checklist, which the AJ+ concedes but I don’t think they realize that gasoline and alcohol are both highly explosive materials. A large amount of both is sold every day in the United States.

Hopefully more Spy Cable videos are on the way and will be posted to this YouTube channel.


PS: What’s really ironic is that for all the huffing and puffing about secrecy, when secrets do come out, you find that government agencies and leaders are as petty and spiteful as anyone you read about in the Hollywood tabloids. Is what they are trying to hide in the name of “national security?”

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