The World’s ‘Most Secure’ Operating System Adds a Bitcoin Wallet

The World’s ‘Most Secure’ Operating System Adds a Bitcoin Wallet by Ian DeMartino.

From the post:

Tails OS, which experts consider the world’s most secure operating system and that the NSA called a “threat,” has released a new version that includes a Bitcoin wallet option.

In the fight for privacy, bitcoin has been an invaluable tool. While those in the know will be the first to tell you that bitcoin isn’t completely anonymous, the pseudonymous nature of bitcoin gives it far more privacy than credit card transactions, particularly if certain precautions are taken.

However, there is a larger battle in the war for privacy, and that is the battle for privacy of communication. A major advancement in this field is Tails OS, which was famously used by Glenn Greenwald and the other journalists that broke the Edward Snowden leaks. Yesterday, Tails OS announced that they have released version 1.3, and it includes an option for adding an Electrum Bitcoin wallet.

Just in case you are being proactive about your security and collecting funds in Bitcoins, you will find this of interest.

I was surprised to find that Tails comes with LibreOffice and not Emacs as an editor. Can always add it but I am curious why it isn’t present by default.


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