SocioViz (Danger?)

SocioViz (Danger?)

From the website:

SocioViz is a social media analytics platform powered by Social Network Analysis metrics

Are you a Social Media Marketer, Digital Journalist or Social Researcher? Have a try and jump on board!

After you login, you give SocioViz access to your Twitter account and it generates a visual graph of your connections.

But there is no “about us” link. The tos (terms of service) and privacy link just reloads the login page. Only other links are to share SocioViz on a variety of social media sites. Quick search did not find any other significant information.


Sort of like Luke in the trash compactor, I have a very bad feeling about this. 😉

Anyone know more about this site?

I don’t like opaque social sites seeking access to my accounts. Maybe nothing but poor design but it is so far beyond the pale that I suspect a less generous explanation.

If you are feeling really risky, search for SocioViz, the site will turn up in the first few hits. I am reluctant to even repeat its address online.

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