Lots of Copies – Keeps Stuff Safe / Is Insecure – LOCKSS / LOCII

Is your enterprise accidentally practicing Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe – LOCKSS?

Gartner analyst Drue Reeves says:

Use document management to make sure you don’t have copies everywhere, and purge nonrelevant material.

If you fall into the lots of copies category your slogan should be: Lots of Copies Is Insecure or LOCII (pronounced “lossee”).

Not all document preservations solutions depend upon being insecure.

Topic maps can help develop strategies to make your document management solution less LOCII.

One way they can help is by mapping out all the duplicate copies. Are they really necessary?

Another way they can help is by showing who has access to each of those copies.

If you trust someone with access, that means you trust everyone they trust.

Check their Facebook or Linkedin pages to see how many other people you are trusting, just by trusting the first person.

Ask yourself: How bad would a Wikileaks like disclosure be?

Then get serious about information security and topic maps.

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