Your Weekly Snowden Dribble

Levitation program tracked file-sharing sites by David Meyer.

From the post:

The Canadian spy agency CSE monitors activity across over 100 free file upload sites, a newly-revealed PowerPoint document from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s cache has shown.

The document describing CSE’s Levitation program was published on Wednesday by The Intercept, reporting alongside Canadian broadcaster CBC. Although Canada has long been known to be a member of the core Anglophone “Five Eyes” spying club, this is the first Snowden revelation putting it at the forefront of one of the Eyes’ mass surveillance programs.

I was truly surprised that the Canadians were monitoring file sharing sites. Shouldn’t that be contracted out to the mad dogs at the RIAA and MPAA, etc.? Cheaper and doubtful you could find anyone more persistent.

On the downside they would want the phone logs of every teenager suspected of copying a song off the radio. To find clusters of copyright thieves. Maybe it is better to have the Canadians do it.

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