Coding is not the new literacy

Coding is not the new literacy by Chris Granger.

From the post:

Despite the good intentions behind the movement to get people to code, both the basic premise and approach are flawed. The movement sits on the idea that "coding is the new literacy," but that takes a narrow view of what literacy really is.

If you ask google to define literacy it gives a mechanical definition:

the ability to read and write.

This is certainly accurate, but defining literacy as interpreting and making marks on a sheet of paper is grossly inadequate. Reading and writing are the physical actions we use to employ something far more important: external, distributable storage for the mind. Being literate isn't simply a matter of being able to put words on the page, it's solidifying our thoughts such that they can be written. Interpreting and applying someone else's thoughts is the equivalent for reading. We call these composition and comprehension. And they are what literacy really is.

Before you assume that Chris is going to diss programming, go read his post.

Chris is arguing for a skill set that will make anyone a much better programmer as well as spill over into other analytical tasks as well.

Take the title as a provocation to read the post. By the end of the post, you will have learned something valuable or have been reminded of something valuable that you already knew.


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