XPath/XQuery/FO/XDM 3.1 Definitions – Deduped/Sorted/Some Comments! Version 0.1

My first set of the XPath/XQuery/FO/XDM 3.1 Definitions, deduped, sorted, along with some comments is now online!

XPath, XQuery, XQuery and XPath Functions and Operators, XDM – 3.1 – Sorted Definitions Draft

Let me emphasize this draft is incomplete and more comments are needed on the varying definitions.

I have included all definitions, including those that are unique or uniform. This should help with your review of those definitions as well.

I am continuing to work on this and other work products to assist in your review of these drafts.

Reminder: Tentative deadline for comments at the W3C is 13 February 2015.

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