Facebook open sources tools for bigger, faster deep learning models

Facebook open sources tools for bigger, faster deep learning models by Derrick Harris.

From the post:

Facebook on Friday open sourced a handful of software libraries that it claims will help users build bigger, faster deep learning models than existing tools allow.

The libraries, which Facebook is calling modules, are alternatives for the default ones in a popular machine learning development environment called Torch, and are optimized to run on Nvidia graphics processing units. Among the modules are those designed to rapidly speed up training for large computer vision systems (nearly 24 times, in some cases), to train systems on potentially millions of different classes (e.g., predicting whether a word will appear across a large number of documents, or whether a picture was taken in any city anywhere), and an optimized method for building language models and word embeddings (e.g., knowing how different words are related to each other).

“‘[T]here is no way you can use anything existing” to achieve some of these results, said Soumith Chintala, an engineer with Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research.

How very awesome! Keeping abreast of the latest releases and papers on deep learning is turning out to be a real chore. Enjoyable but a time sink none the less.

Derrick’s post and the release from Facebook have more details.

Apologies for the “lite” posting today but I have been proofing related specifications where one defines a term and the other uses the term, but doesn’t cite the other specification’s definition or give its own. Do those mean the same thing? Probably the same thing but users outside the process may or may not realize that. Particularly in translation.

I first saw this in a tweet by Kirk Borne.

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