Biblatex – Bibliographies in LATEX using BibTEX for sorting only

Biblatex – Bibliographies in LATEX using BibTEX for sorting only

From the webpage:

Biblatex is a complete reimplementation of the bibliographic facilities provided by LATEX in conjunction with BibTEX. It redesigns the way in which LATEX interacts with BibTEX at a fairly fundamental level. With biblatex, BibTEX is only used (if it is used at all) to sort the bibliography and to generate labels. Formatting of the bibliography is entirely controlled by TEX macros (the BibTEX-based mechanism embeds some parts of formatting in the BibTEX style file. Good working knowledge in LATEX should be sufficient to design new bibliography and citation styles; nothing related to BibTEX’s language is needed.

While looking for better ways to manage the bibliography I mentioned in Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview I ran across The biblatex Package
Programmable Bibliographies and Citations
by Philipp Lehman. The manual runs over two (200) hundred pages so quite naturally I had to find the package at CTAN.

Biblatex is new to me so I thought it was worth noting both the manual and the package location. Very promising in terms of printed bibliography production. And as documentation for extraction of information from bibliographies created using Biblatex.

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