31C3: a new dawn

31C3: a new dawn (archives)


Chaos Communication Congress conference in Hamburg.

I took a break to watch Higher-Dimensional Geometry and Fractals. If you haven’t experienced a presentation was moving quickly, this one will give you that experience. The challenge would be to stop at each slide and fully understand it before moving to the next slide. Very cool!

C++ sources for demo segments: https://github.com/ef-gy/topologic

Blog series: https://ef.gy/linear-algebra

Scott Draves, Erik Reckase, The Fractal Flame Algorithm: http://flam3.com/flame_draves.pdf

The range of talks is really amazing.

I first saw this in a post by Violet Blue, Invasive phone tracking: New SS7 research blows the lid off mobile security, where Violet covers three of the presentations at 31C3 on cellphone scanning technology. (Summary: You are even less secure than you imagine.)

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