The New Chess World Champion

The New Chess World Champion by K W Regan.

From the post:

Larry Kaufman is a Grandmaster of chess, and has teamed in the development of two champion computer chess programs, Rybka and Komodo. I have known him from chess tournaments since the 1970s. He earned the title of International Master (IM) from the World Chess Federation in 1980, a year before I did. He earned his GM title in 2008 by dint of winning the World Senior Chess Championship, equal with GM Mihai Suba.

Today we salute Komodo for winning the 7th Thoresen Chess Engines Competition (TCEC), which some regard as the de-facto world computer chess championship.

Partially computer chess history and present with asides on Shogi, dots-and-boxes, Arimaa, and Go.

Regan forgets to mention that thus far, computers don’t compete at all in the game of thrones. No one has succeeded in teaching a computer to lie. That is knowing the correct answer and for motives of its own, concealing that answer and offering another.


Komodo (commercial, $59.96)

Stockfish (open source)

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