Seeding the cloud…

Seeding the cloud — AWS gives credits with select edX certs by Barb Darrow.

From the post:

Amazon definitely wants enterprises to adopt its cloud, but it’s still wooing little startups too. This week, it said it will issue $1,000 in Amazon Web Services credit to any student who completes qualifying edX certifications in entrepreneurship. EdX is the online education platform backed by MIT, Harvard, and a raft of other universities.

Barb mentions at least six (6) other special cloud offers in a very short article. No doubt more are going to show up in 2015.

Are you going to be in the cloud in 2015?

I searched for “minimum fee” information for the entrepreneurship courses but got caught in a loop of HTML pages, none of which offered an actual answer.

Looking at some of the series courses, I would guess the “minimum fee” would be at or less than $100 per course. Check when you enroll for the actual “minimum fee.” Why the site admins want to be cagey about such a reasonable fee I cannot say.

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