TinkerPop 3.0.0.M6 Released — A Gremlin Rāga in 7/16 Time

TinkerPop 3.0.0.M6 Released — A Gremlin Rāga in 7/16 Time by Marko A. Rodriguez.

From post:

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the TinkerPop,

TinkerPop productions, in association with Gremlin Studios, presents a Gremlin-Users codebase, featuring TinkerPop-Contributors…TinkerPop 3.0.0.M6. Staring, Gremlin as himself.



AsciiDoc: http://tinkerpop.com/docs/3.0.0.M6/
JavaDoc[core]: http://tinkerpop.com/javadocs/3.0.0.M6/core/
JavaDoc[full]: http://tinkerpop.com/javadocs/3.0.0.M6/full/


Gremlin Console: http://tinkerpop.com/downloads/3.0.0.M6/gremlin-console-3.0.0.M6.zip
Gremlin Server: http://tinkerpop.com/downloads/3.0.0.M6/gremlin-server-3.0.0.M6.zip

If you want a better sense of graphs than “Everything is a graph!” type promotionals, see: How Whitepages turned the phone book into a graph using Titan and Cassandra. BTW, the Whitepages offer an API for email verification.

Don’t be the last one to submit a bug for this milestone release!

At the same time, checkout the Whitepages API.

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