Datomic 0.9.5078 now available

Datomic 0.9.5078 now available by Ben Kamphaus.

From the post:

This message covers changes in this release. For a summary of critical release notices, see http://docs.datomic.com/release-notices.html.

The Datomic Team recommends that you always take a backup before adopting a new release.

## Changed in 0.9.5078

  • New CloudWatch metrics: `WriterMemcachedPutMusec`, `WriterMemcachedPutFailedMusec` `ReaderMemcachedPutMusec` and `ReaderMemcachedPutFailedMusec` track writes to memcache. See http://docs.datomic.com/caching.html#memcached
  • Improvement: Better startup performance for databases using fulltext.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the Getting Started examples to include the Pull API and find specifications.
  • Improvement: Better scheduling of indexing jobs during bursty transaction volumes
  • Fixed bug where Pull API could incorrectly return renamed attributes.
  • Fixed bug that caused `db.fn/cas` to throw an exception when `false` was passed as the new value.


In case you haven’t walked through Datomic, you really should.

Here is one example why:

Next download the subset of the mbrainz database covering the period 1968-1973 (which the Datomic team has scientifically determined as being the most important period in the history of recorded music): [From: https://github.com/Datomic/mbrainz-sample]

Truer words were never spoken! 😉


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