Twitter Now Lets You Search For Any Tweet Ever Sent

Twitter Now Lets You Search For Any Tweet Ever Sent by Cade Metz.

From the post:

This morning, Twitter began rolling out a search service that lets you search for any tweet in its archive.

Though the new Twitter search engine is limited to rather rudimentary keyword searches today, the company plans to expand into more complex queries in the months and years to come. And the foundational search infrastructure laid down by the company will help drive other Twitter tools as well. “It lets us power a lot more things down the road—not just search,” says Gilad Mishne, the Twitter engineering director who helped oversee the project.

Well, that’s both good news and better news!

Good news because of being able to search and link to the full corpus of tweets.

Better news because of the search market gap that Cade reports, which is quite similar to Google’s.

You can search for anything you want, but the results, semantically speaking, are going to be a crap shoot.

Do users really have time for hit or miss search results? Some do, some don’t.

If yours don’t, let’s talk.

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