Pinned Tabs: myNoSQL

Alex Popescu & Ana-Maria Bacalu have added a new feature at myNoSQL called “Pinned Tabs.”

The feature started on 28 Oct. 2014 and consists of very short (2-3 sentence descriptions) with links on NoSQL, BigData, etc. topics.

Today’s “pinned tabs” included:

03: If you don’t test for the possible failures, you might be in for a surprise. Stripe has tried a more organized chaos monkey attack and discovered a scenario in which their Redis cluster is losing all the data. They’ll move to Amazon RDS PostgreSQL. From an in-memory smart key-value engine to a relational database.

Game Day Exercises at Stripe: Learning from kill -9

04: How a distributed database should really behave in front of massive failures. Netflix recounts their recent experience of having 218 Cassandra nodes rebooted without losing availability. At all.

How Netflix Handled the Reboot of 218 Cassandra Nodes

Curated news saves time and attention span!


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