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People's Climate

AJ+ was all over the #OurClimate march in New York City.

Let’s be generous and say the march attracted 400,000 people.

At approximately 10:16 AM Eastern time this morning, the world population clock reported a population of 7,262,447,500.

0.000550 % of the world’s population expressed an opinion on climate change in New York yesterday.

I mention that calculation, disclosing both data and the algorithm, to point out the distortion between the number of people driving policy versus the number of people impacted.

Other minority opinions promoted by AJ+ include that of the United States (population: 318,776,000) on what role Iran (population: 77,176,930) should play in the Middle East (population: 395,133,109) and the world (population: 7,262,447,500), on issues such as the Islamic State. BBC News: Islamic State crisis: Kerry says Iran can help defeat IS.

Isn’t that “the tail wagging the dog?”

Is there any wonder why international decision making departs from the common interests of the world’s population?

Hopefully AJ+ will stop beating the drum quite so loudly for minority opinions and seek out more representative ones, even if not conveniently located in New York City.

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