T3TROS (ClojureScript)

T3TROS (ClojureScript)

From the webpage:

We are re-creating Tetrisâ„¢ in ClojureScript. We are mainly doing this to produce the pleasure and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its original release in 1984. Our remake will enable us to host a small, local tournament and to share a montage of the game’s history, with each level resembling a different version from its past. (We are working on the game at least once a week):

  • DevBlog 1 – data, collision, rotation, drawing
  • DevBlog 2 – basic piece control
  • DevBlog 3 – gravity, stack, collapse, hard-drop
  • DevBlog 4 – ghost piece, flash before collapse
  • DevBlog 5 – game over animation, score
  • DevBlog 6 – level speeds, fluid drop, improve collapse animation, etc.
  • DevBlog 7 – draw next piece, tilemap for themes
  • DevBlog 8 – allow connected tiles for richer graphics
  • DevBlog 9 – live board broadcasting
  • DevBlog 10 – chat room, more tilemaps, page layouts
  • DevBlog 11 – page routing, username

What could possibly go wrong with an additive video game as the target of a programming exercise? đŸ˜‰

Shaun LeBron has posted Interactive Guide to Tetrix in ClojureScript.

The interactive guide is very helpful!

Will echoes of Tetrisâ„¢ tempt you into functional programming? What video classics will you produce?

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