Exploring Calculus with Julia

Exploring Calculus with Julia

From the post:

This is a collection of notes for exploring calculus concepts with the Julia programming language. Such an approach is used in MTH 229 at the College of Staten Island.

These notes are broken into different sections, where most all sections have some self-grading questions at the end that allow you to test your knowledge of that material. The code should be copy-and-pasteable into a julia session. The code output is similar to what would be shown if evaluated in an IJulia cell, our recommended interface while learning julia.

The notes mostly follow topics of a standard first-semester calculus course after some background material is presented for learning julia within a mathematical framework.

Another example of pedagogical technique.

Semantic disconnects are legion and not hard to find. However, what criteria would you use to select a set to be solved using topic maps?

Or perhaps better, before mentioning topic maps, how would you solve them so that the solution works up to being a topic map?

Either digitally or even with pencil and paper?

Thinking that getting people to internalize the value-add of topic maps before investing effort into syntax, etc. could be a successful way to promote them.

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