A Public Official’s Guide to Financial Literacy

A Public Official’s Guide to Financial Literacy

From the webpage:

Many individuals enter government service to effect change, but you can’t accomplish much if you don’t speak the language of public finance. The goal of this guide is to help state and local leaders become financially literate and answer questions like: “How does my jurisdiction get and spend its money?” and “Are we in sound financial shape?” The guide provides technical knowledge, essential questions and examples of what not to do to give leaders a core understanding of key public finance concepts.

I was fairly annoyed by the data collecting process to obtain this “free” report.

It is far from everything you need to know, but it will reduce the ability of public officials to hide behind finance language.

That is the first step towards asking effective questions and tracking public financing, with topic maps perhaps.

Despite the annoying data collecting, I recommend you get someone to register and get a copy. Then widely distribute the copy! 😉

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