VLDB – Volume 7, 2013-2014

Proceedings of the Very Large Data Bases, Volume 7, 2013-2014.

You are likely already aware of the VLDB proceedings but after seeing the basis for Summingbird:… [VLDB 2014], I was reminded that I should have a tickler to check updates on the VLDB proceedings every month. August of 2014 (Volume 7, No. 12) landed a few days ago and it looks quite good.

Two tidbits to tease you into visiting:

Akash Das Sarma, Yeye He, Surajit Chaudhuri: ClusterJoin: A Similarity Joins Framework using Map-Reduce. 1059 – 1070.

Norases Vesdapunt, Kedar Bellare, Nilesh Dalvi: Crowdsourcing Algorithms for Entity Resolution. 1071 – 1082.

I count twenty-six (26) articles in issue 12 and eighty (80) in issue 13.

Just in case you have run out of summer reading material. 😉

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