Senator John Walsh plagiarism, color-coded

Senator John Walsh plagiarism, color-coded by Nathan Yau.

Nathan points to a New York Times’ visualization that makes a telling case for plagiarism against Senator John Walsh.

Best if you see it at Nathan’s site, his blog formats better than mine does.

Senator Walsh was rather obvious about it but I often wonder how much news copy, print or electronic, is really original?

Some is I am sure but when a story goes out over AP or UPI, how much of it is repeated verbatim in other outlets?

It’s not plagiarism because someone purchased a license to repeat the stories but it certainly isn’t original.

If an AP/UPI story is distributed and re-played in 500 news outlets, it remains one story. With no more credibility than it had at the outset.

Would color coding be as effective against faceless news sources as they have been against Sen. Walsh?

BTW, if you are interested in the sordid details: Pentagon Watchdog to review plagiarism probe of Sen. John Walsh. Incumbents need not worry, Sen. Walsh is an appointed senator and therefore is an easy throw-away in order to look tough on corruption.

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