Senzari Unveils At The GraphLab Conference 2014

From the post:

Senzari introduced, the first web-based graph analytics and intelligence engine for the music industry at the GraphLab Conference 2014, the annual gathering of leading data scientists and machine learning experts. will serve as the primary dashboard for MusicGraph, where API clients will be able to view detailed reports on their API usage and manage their account. More importantly, through this dashboard, they will also be able to access a comprehensive library of algorithms to extract even more value from the world’s most extensive repository of music data.

“We believe will forever change the music intelligence industry, as it allows scientists to execute powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms at scale on a huge data-set without the need to write a single-line of code”

Free access to MusicGraph at:

I originally encountered MusicGraph because of its use of the Titan graph database. BTW, GraphLab and GraphX are also available for data analytics.

From the MusicGraph website:

MusicGraph is the world’s first “natural graph” for music, which represents the real-world structure of the musical universe. Information contained within it includes data related to the relationship between millions of artists, albums, and songs. Also included is detailed acoustical and lyrical features, as well as real-time statistics across artists and their music across many sources.

MusicGraph has over 600 million vertices and 1 billion edges, but more importantly it has over 7 billion properties, which allows for deep knowledge extraction through various machine learning approaches.

Sigh, why can’t people say: “…it represents a useful view of the musical universe…,” instead of “…which represents the real-world structure of the musical universe”? All representations are views of some observer. (full stop) If you think otherwise, please return your college and graduate degrees for a refund.

Yes, I know political leaders use “real world” all the time. But they are trying to deceive you into accepting their view as beyond question because it represents the “real world.” Don’t be deceived. Their views are no “real world” based than yours are. Which is to say, not at all. Defend your view but knowing it is a view.

I first saw this in a tweet by Gregory Piatetsky.

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