The nice folks at reported today that USA has opened its article archive up going back to 2004.

From the story USA Today Expands APIs to Include Articles Back to 2004:

The dataset contains all web stories going back to 2004, as well as blog posts, newspaper stories, and even wire feeds.


Use the standard USA today and another news archive of your choice to answer the following questions:

  1. Find a series of news stories about some major event and compare the language used.
  2. Could you find the stories in both archives using the same language? (2-3 pages, pointers to the news sources)
  3. What stories about the event would require different languages to find? 2-3 pages, pointers to the news sources)

The point of this exercise is to develop examples of where creative searching is going to find more resources than using the typical search terms.

It will also illustrate the semantic limitations of current search engines.

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