Domeo and Utopia for PDF…

Domeo and Utopia for PDF, Achieving annotation interoperability by Paolo Ciccarese.

From the description:

The Annotopia ( Open Annotation universal Hub allows to achieve annotation interoperability between different annotation clients. This is a first small demo where the annotations created with the Domeo Web Annotation Tool ( can be seen by the users of the Utopia for PDF application (

The demonstration shows highlighting of text and attachment of a note to an HTML page in a web browser and then the same document is loaded as PDF and the highlighting and note appear as specified in the HTML page.

The Domeo Web Annotation Tool appears to have the capacity to be a topic map authoring tool against full text.

Definite progress on the annotation front!

Next question is how do we find all the relevant annotations despite differences in user terminology? Same problem that we have with searching but in annotations instead of the main text.

You could start from some location in the text but I’m not sure all users will annotate the same material. Some may comment on the article in general, others, will annotate very specific text.

Definitely a topic map issue both in terms of subjects in the text as well as in the annotations.

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