Covering the European Elections with Linked Data

Covering the European Elections with Linked Data by Basile Simon.

From the post:

What we wanted to do was:

  • to use Linked Data in a news context (something that the Vote2014 team was trying to do with Paul’s new model, article above),
  • to provide some background on this important event for the UK and Europe,
  • and to offer alternative coverage of the election (sort of).

In the end, we built an experimental dashboard for the elections, and eventually discovered some potentially editorially challenging stuff in our data—detailed below—which led us to decide not to release the experiment to the public. Despite being unable to release the project, this one or two weeks rush taught us lots, and we are today coming up with improvements to our data model, following the questions raised by our findings. Before we get to the findings, though, I’ll walk through the process of making the dashboard.

If you are thinking about covering the U.S. mid-term elections this Fall, you need to read Basile’s post.

Not only will you be inspired in many ways but you will gain insight into what it will take to have a quality interface ready by election time. It is a non-trivial task but apparently a very exciting one.

Perhaps you can provide an alternative to the mind numbing stalling until enough results are in for the elections to be called.

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