Gremlin and Visualization with Gephi [Death of Import/Export?]

Gremlin and Visualization with Gephi by Stephen Mallette.

From the post:

We are often asked how to go about graph visualization in TinkerPop. We typically refer folks to Gephi or Cytoscape as the standard desktop data visualization tools. The process of using those tools involves: getting your graph instance, saving it to GraphML (or the like) then importing it to those tools

TinkerPop3 now does two things to help make that process easier:

  1. A while back we introduced the “subgraph” step which allows you to pop-off a Graph instance from a Traversal, which help greatly simplify the typical graph visualization process with Gremlin, where you are trying to get a much smaller piece of your large graph to focus the visualization effort.
  2. Today we introduce a new :remote command in the Console. Recall that :remote is used to configure a different context where Gremlin will be evaluated (e.g. Gremlin Server). For visualization, that remote is called “gephi” and it configures the :submit command to take any Graph instance and push it through to the Gephi Streaming API. No more having to import/export files!

This rocks!

How do you imagine processing your data when import/export goes away?

Of course, this doesn’t have anything on *nix pipes but it is nice to see good ideas come back around.

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