The Rise of Gremlitron

TinkerPop3 RFClease — The Rise of Gremlitron by Marko A. Rodriguez.

From the post:

TinkerPop3’s SNAPSHOT release is now ready for review, comments, and brave souls wishing to do implementations.

There are lots of new things about TinkerPop3 and I would like to take the time to review some of the best parts here:

1. Blueprints, Frames, Pipes, Furnace, and Rexster are no longer terms…
– Blueprints => Gremlin Structure
– Blueprints/Pipes => Gremlin Process
– Frames => Gremlin DSLs
– Furnace => Gremlin OLAP (GraphComputer)
– Rexster => Gremlin Server



Marko has always had a way with images!

In order to appreciate all the changes in this release of Gremlin, you will need to take the test drive. Reading the short descriptions or kicking the wheels is no substitute for trying it against your existing or anticipated graphs.

I would call out the obvious topic map issue, that of changing the traditional names to “Gremlin + (some string).”

I rather doubt anyone is going to hunt down existing email, documentation, notes, presentations, etc. and clean up all the references to Blueprints, Frames, Pipes, Furnace and Rexster. How important is that? Hard to say right now but it is the sort of issue that topic maps were designed to solve.

Could be important in terms of researching prior art, assuming that U.S. patent law continues to deteriorate. I’m thinking about patenting numerical order. Opps! Should not have said that! 😉


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