Stop blaming spreadsheets…

Stop blaming spreadsheets (and take a good look in the mirror) by Felienne Hermans.

From the post:

This week, spreadsheets hit the news again, when data for a book written by economist Pikkety turned out to contain spreadsheet errors. On this, Daniele Lemire wrote a blog post warning people not to use spreadsheets for serious work. This is useless advice, let me explain why.

See Felienne’s post for the three reasons. She writes very well and I might mangle it trying to summarize.

I see Lemire’s complaint as similar to exhortations that users should be using Oxygen to create structured XML documents.

As opposed to using Open Office and styles to author complex documents in XML (unseen by the user).

You can guess which one authors more XML every day.

Users want technologies that help them accomplish day to day tasks. Successful software, like spreadsheets, takes that into account.

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