Erin McKean, founder, Reverb

10 Questions: Erin McKean, founder, Reverb by Chanelle Bessette.

From the introduction to the interview:

At OUP, McKean began to question how effective paper dictionaries were for the English language. Every word is a data point that has no meaning unless it is put in context, she believed, and a digital medium was the only way to link them together. If the printed dictionary is an atlas, she reasoned, the digital dictionary is a GPS device.

McKean’s idea was to create an online dictionary, dubbed Wordnik, that not only defined words but also showed how words related to each other, thereby increasing the chance that people can find the exact word that they are looking for. Today, the technology behind Wordnik is used to power McKean’s latest company, Reverb. Reverb’s namesake product is a news discovery mobile application that recommends stories based on contextual clues in the words of the article. (Even if that word is “lexicography.”)

Another case where i need a mobile phone to view a new technology. 🙁

I ran across DARLING, which promises it isn’t ready to emulate an IPhone on Ubuntu.

Do you know of another iPhone emulator for Ubuntu?


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