Functional Geekery

Functional Geekery by Steve Proctor.

I stumbled across episode 9 of Functional Geekery (a podcast) in Clojure Weekly, May 29th, 2014 and was interested to hear the earlier podcasts.

It’s only nine other episodes and not a deep blog history but still, I thought it would be nice to have a single listing of all the episodes.

Do be aware that each episode has a rich set of links to materials mentioned/discussed in each podcast.

If you enjoy these podcasts, do be sure to encourage others to listen to them and encourage Steve to continue with his excellent work.

  • Episode 1 – Robert C. Martin

    In this episode I talk with Robert C. Martin, better known as Uncle Bob. We run the gamut from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, introducing children to programming, TDD and the REPL, compatibility of Functional Programming and Object Oriented Programming

  • Episode 2 – Craig Andera

    In this episode I talk with fellow podcaster Craig Andera. We talk about working in Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic, as well as making the transition to functional programming from C#, and working in Clojure on Windows. I also get him to give some recommendations on things he learned from guests on his podcast, The Cognicast.

  • Episode 3 – Fogus

    In this episode I talk with Fogus, author of The Joy of Clojure and Functional JavaScript. We cover his history with functional languages, working with JavaScript in a functional style, and digging into the history of software development.

  • Episode 4 – Zach Kessin

    In this episode I talk with fellow podcaster Zach Kessin. We cover his background in software development and podcasting, the background of Erlang, process recovery, testing tools, as well as profiling live running systems in Erlang.

  • Episode 5 – Colin Jones

    In this episode I talk with Colin Jones, software craftsman at 8th Light. We cover Colin’s work on the Clojure Koans, making the transition from Ruby to Clojure, how functional programming affects the way he does object oriented design now, and his venture into learning Haskell.

  • Episode 6 – Reid Draper

    In this episode I talk with Reid Draper. We cover Reid’s intro to functional programming through Haskell, working in Erlang, distributed systems, and property testing; including his property testing tool simple-check, which has since made it into a Clojure contrib project as test.check.

  • Episode 7 – Angela Harms and Jason Felice on avi

    In this episode I talk with Angela Harms and Jason Felice about avi. We talk about the motivation of a vi implementation written in Clojure, the road map of where avi might used, and expressivity of code.

  • Functional Geekery Episode 08 – Jessica Kerr

    In this episode I talk with Jessica Kerr. In this episode we talk bringing functional programming concepts to object oriented languages; her experience in Scala, using the actor model, and property testing; and much more!

  • Functional Geekery Episode 9 – William E. Byrd

    In this episode I talk with William Byrd. We talk about miniKanren and the differences between functional, logic and relational programming. We also cover the idea of thinking at higher levels of abstractions, and comparisons of relational programming to topics such as SQL, property testing, and code contracts.

  • Functional Geekery Episode 10 – Paul Holser

    In this episode I talk with Paul Holser. We start out by talking about his junit-quickcheck project, being a life long learner and exploring ideas about computation from other languages, and what Java 8 is looking like in with the support of closures and lambdas.


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