Emacs Settings for Clojure

My Optimal GNU Emacs Settings for Developing Clojure (so far) by Frédérick Giasson.

From the post:

In the coming months, I will start to publish a series of blog posts that will explain how RDF data can be serialized in Clojure code and more importantly what are the benefits of doing this. At Structured Dynamics, we started to invest resources into this research project and we believe that it will become a game changer regarding how people will consume, use and produce RDF data.

But I want to take a humble first step into this journey just by explaining how I ended up configuring Emacs for working with Clojure. I want to take the time to do this since this is a trials and errors process, and that it may be somewhat time-consuming for the new comers.

In an interesting twist for an article on Emacs, Frédérick recommends strongly that the reader consider Light Table as an IDE for Clojure over Emacs, especially if they are not already Emacs users.

What follows is a detailed description of changes for your .emacs file should you want to follow the Emacs route, including a LightTable theme for Emacs.

A very useful post and I am looking forward the the Clojure/RDF post to follow.

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